4 Steps for Depositing in i918kiss (SCR888)

4 Steps for Depositing in i918kiss

After registering as our member, please follow the i918kiss Help Center simple 4 step to deposit in i918kiss to enjoy the most popular and abundant 918kiss games!

4 Detailed Steps for Depositing in i918kiss

You can contact i918kiss Customer Service by the below methods:

  1. WhatsApp:Maintain
  2. Wechat ID:Maintain
  3. Online Customer Service:Visit Live Chat now

The below will show you how to contact Customer Service to help you make a deposit.

Enter i918kiss homepage( https://iscr888.com/en/ ) and click “Chat now” at the lower right corner to contact Customer Service.

iSCR888 Chat Now


Step 1:

Inform Customer Service to help you make a deposit and offer your account ID.

SCR888 Deposit Tutorial - iSCR888 (1)

【i918kiss Note】

-To ensure your right to “withdraw” and “application for bonus”, please provide us with your accurate name same with your bank account.

-Your WhatsApp information registered in i918kiss should be the same with your phone number for Customer Service to verify your identity.


Step 2:

Customer Service will ask you your bank account and offer you an account for you to transferred money in.

SCR888 Deposit Tutorial - iSCR888 (2)

【i918kiss Note】

Please prevent any gambling-related words in remarks (including 918kiss, Online Casino and so on) to ensure your account security.


Step 3:

Please deposit your money into the account offered by Customer Service, and provide a copy of bank slip for Customer Service to verify.
i918kiss reminds you that the minimum withdraw amount is RM 5.

SCR888 Deposit Tutorial - iSCR888 (3)


Step 4:

Please wait for 5-10 minutes. After verification by Customer Service, the credits will be added into your gaming account.

SCR888 Deposit Tutorial - iSCR888 (4)

Congratulation! You’ve successfully deposit your money in i918kiss. Please also note that next time you want to make a deposit, you can also contact Customer Service on WhatsApp or WeChat.

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