i918kiss (iSCR888) teaches you 4 steps to register for FREE

i918kiss Teaches you 4 Steps to Register for FREE

918kiss Free Register Tutorial. Follow i918kiss easy tutorial. We are going to take you to complete 918kiss registration! Enjoy the most popular 918kiss slot games!

1.Please click “Chat Now to contact Customer Service to inform them you want to register as our member.
2.Customer Service will ask you your information.
3.Please offer your accurate and true information.
4.Open your Whatsapp to get your account ID and password.

i918kiss Teaches you Register as member for free in 4 Steps.

Step 1:

Enter i918kiss homepage( https://iscr888.com/en/ ) and click”Chat now at the lower right corner to contact Customer Service.

iSCR888 Chat Now

Please inform Customer Service you want to join as i918kiss member.

SCR888 Register Tutorial - iSCR888 (1)

Step 2:

Customer Service will ask you to provide the necessary information including name, phone, email and WeChat ID.

SCR888 Register Tutorial - iSCR888 (2)

【i918kiss NOTE】

-To ensure your right to withdraw and application for bonus, please provide the name same with your bank account and the phone number bound with WhatsApp!


Step 3:

When you send out the accurate information, Customer Service will build up your gaming account password. Please wait for 3-5 minutes.

SCR888 Register Tutorial - iSCR888 (3)

Step 4:

When Customer Service informs you the application for account is successful, please open your WhatsApp to get account ID and password sent by Customer Service, and download 918kiss to start games!

SCR888 Register Tutorial - iSCR888 (4)
Congratulation for successful registration as an 918kiss member. Please reset your password as you first login to your account to ensure your account security!

After registration, you can start to play games. if you haven’t download games, please go to Download 918kiss page to know how to quickly download 918kiss games for iOS and Android with our tutorials.

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