Invite Friends Join iSCR888 Get Recommended Bonus

Invite your friend register to be iSCR888 member, you can get RM5 Recommended Bonus if your friend make deposit in iSCR888 more than RM30. Invite more friend and you can get more, recommended bonus is UNLIMITED!

Your friend can refer to the iSCR888 Help Center tutorial >> iSCR888 teaches you 4 steps to register for FREE


Get iSCR888 Get Recommend Bonus Rules of Activities

  1. Invite your friend register to be iSCR888 member and make deposit in iSCR888 more than RM30.
    >> 4 Steps for Depositing in iSCR888
  2. Click “Chat Now” to contact customer service, give a message to our customer service that you want to make recommended bonus application.
  3. Please provide to customer service your friend iSCR888 member id and their full name.
  4. After that, please give your member id to customer service. Please wait a moment waiting for customer service approval. RM5 recommended bonus will direct credit into your iSCR888 account.


  • Rules & Regulations of activities
  1. Activities will begins from 16th August 2017 00:00:00 (GMT+8).
  2. This activities is only allow iSCR888 members to join.
  3. Your recommended friend must register an account and make deposit more than RM30. After that you can apply a recommended bonus by customer service. Invite 1 friend and get 1 time recommended bonus. Invite more friends and you can get more. You can follow the iSCR888 Help Center, 4 Quick Steps for Withdrawing from iSCR888, get a bonus reward easily.
  4. General Terms and Conditions of Promotions apply.