i918Kiss – Blackjack Desktop Game Introduction

i918Kiss’s Blackjack is one of the most widely played desktop games in the world. You’ll need to compare the value of your cards to that of dealer’s and see whose value are closer to 21 points (but not exceeding 21 points). Now through 918Kiss SCR888, you can also experience the game on mobile device.

i918Kiss – Blackjack Desktop Game Information

i918Kiss – Blackjack Desktop Game Information

Game name: Blackjack

Game type: Desktop game

Playing method: Poker

Minimum betting amount: RM 0.5

Maximum betting amount: RM 1000

Game feature: Blackjack Desktop Game

i918Kiss tells you more about Blackjack- 918Kiss SCR888

Reel Classic is the classic of the classic in all kinds of slot games. A wide assortment of slot machines, no matter with multi-lines or different theme, can all be found on the market. Reel Classic released by 918Kiss SCR888 is the most fundamental and original type of slot machine. The betting amount is the lowest, yet the chances of winning are higher than multi-line slot machines. Plus, the clear, simple interface and realistic liveness, Reel Classic is definitely the game you can’t miss if you’re a real fan of electronic games! This is the masterpiece i918Kiss modifies from classic and the highly recommended game of the week!

i918Kiss – Blackjack Desktop Game Introduction

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918Kiss SCR888’s Blackjack Video – i918Kiss

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