i918Kiss LiKuiPiYu Introduction

LiKuiPiYu in i918Kiss is a fishing game with gorgeous interface design. Also, high-odds gun fishing game is also available. If you love enjoying the excitement of high risks and high prizes, you must play it! -918Kiss (SCR888)

i918Kiss – LiKuiPiYu INFORMATION

i918Kiss likuipiyu-introduction

Game name: LiKuiPiYu

Game type: fishing machine

Minimum betting amount: RM 0.1

Maximum betting amount: RM 100

Game feature: 10000 guns version is also available

i918Kiss tells you more about LiKuiPiYu fishing game in918Kiss (SCR888)

LiKuiPiYu is a vintage fishing game, and high-odds gun fishing games are also available in 918Kiss (SCR888). LiKuiPiYu is a type of fishing game somewhere between Deep-sea Hunting, Fish Hunter Champion, and Deep-sea fishing. The final boss is Black Whirlwind “Li, Kui”. The game interface is presented with a unique deep blue color to give players a tremendous visual enjoyment. Also, in addition to the traditional playing methods, more new playing ways are also available. i918Kiss highly recommends LiKuiPiYu to all players.

i918Kiss likuipiyu-introduction 2

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